Behind Your Dark Eyes

Quiet, tall and brave,

I see all that you are.

Stoic, calm and strong,

Your eyes gaze afar.

They look distant and glazed,

Like you are always reliving.

From a time long ago,

When you started giving.

All that you are,

To those who need fixing.

But you weren’t to save them,

For they were transfixing.

On selfish desires,

On meeting their needs.

Not loving you back,

No matter how your heart pleads.

You go about your days,

With duty on your back.

Your hands are all calloused,

But you know you’re on track.

You never complain,

Making your woes but a joke.

Always laughing it off,

So that you don’t start to choke.

On the tears that hide,

Behind your dark eyes.

Of love that was lost,

And hurts deep inside.

Hurts that you will never,

Pass to your boys,

For you will protect them,

And never stifle their joy.

Always good times with Dad,

Of playing and fun,

Though dirt tracks and gullies,

And shooting toy guns.

A childhood of innocence,

You wish them to have.

Without the burdens you carry,

From just being their dad.

So I see you dear brother,

Deep down inside.

All the secrets you hold,

Behind those dark eyes.

For when things get too hard,

When you just can’t go on.

Just know that I’m here,

And I will never be gone.

For here I am always,

Right by your side.

I can no longer carry you,

But I’m forever your guide.