When I completed by MBA I thought I was more than equipped to tackle the work of senior management. I had experience in the lower levels of management, but with my new degree under my arm I wanted to aim for the stars. I applied for a senior level position and to my great surprise (and excitement) I got the role.

Although I might have looked alright on the surface, I struggled behind the professional facade. I became and master of the poker face. There were many times I looked for support of guidance online and I came up bare. There was no material on how to handle the people management side of the role. People don’t behave the way the text-books say they will and I found out this the hard way.

It become apparent to me that people don’t treat young, female managers the way they would treat middle-aged, male managers. I couldn’t find any support for young, female managers so I decided to start my own support group.

Come along on my journey which is a raw and honest blog exploring the side of management they don’t tell you about in management school.